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(Article written by students as part of an internship at the brewery.)

Any discussion about organic beers inevitably begins with a reflection on what the term “organic” really means. For some brewers, it's just a generic term, used to describe beers made with locally sourced ingredients and grown without chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. In contrast, for other brewers, the term "organic" implies a very strict set of guidelines for every step of making a beer.

If you've ever wondered why a good range of organic beers can be difficult to find, we can tell you that it's less due to the desire of the breweries and more to the availability of organic ingredients. Indeed, obtaining all the important certifications can be a rigorous process. But for us, the effort is worth it.

Our organic beers represent the Corsican terroir in a bottle, without any artificial flavoring. They are grown with ingredients specific to Corsica, brewed and bottled in Corsica. This is in the interest of the environment and your health. In addition to tasting better, our French craft beers are produced to improve digestion and other body functions. Try them. You'll be glad you did!

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