MISTICA - Bière Ribella
MISTICA - Bière Ribella
MISTICA - Bière Ribella
MISTICA - Bière Ribella
MISTICA - Bière Ribella
MISTICA - Bière Ribella


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Ancient treatise on onomastics, - we examine case by case. Under the “Mistica” section, we read: “Almost legendary beer.”

A deep and powerful Stout, a rich, intense nose, a creamy texture in a dark and thick color. These are the main attributes of this beer emanating from the fruits of century-old chestnut trees, picked in the remote forests of Marignana, a village in deep Corsica where only a hundred souls live. Its incomparable, authentic local taste is the memory of these almost forgotten lands.

Style : brunette

Certified organic farming: yes

Degree : 6.5 / IBU : 35 / Tasting temperature : 6 to 10°

Color : Moorish ebony with ruby ​​reflections

Mousse : cream color, chestnut flour, creamy and persistent

Nose : chestnut scent, woody, vanilla, toasted

Mouth : caramelized notes of candied chestnut, dark chocolate, roasted aromas, woody/vanilla background, roundness, very persistent length on the palate

Beer food pairings : roasted chestnuts, grandmother’s cuisine, black forest

Awards: Concours Général Agricole de Paris, favorite of the 2021 Hachette Beer Guide


Better for you, for our producers and for the planet.

Zero pesticides, zero sulfites, minimal carbon impact thanks to the operation of our autonomous farm brewery. Certified organic beers made by Ribella from field to glass with 95% local organic.

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