What food and agricultural future do we want for our children?

In 2018, the brewery created the Ribellazione! festival, which is in its third edition and brings together professionals from diverse backgrounds at Patrimonio such as Arnaud Daguin, chef activist for an agriculture of life, Roland Feuillas, baker-humanist , Teo Musso, founder of Birra Baladin, Agathe André, former columnist at France Inter, Alexandre Oppecini, committed director, and many other speakers, each more honest and passionate than the last.

The festival organizes educational workshops, discovery tours as well as conferences and passionate debates to raise various issues linked, among other things, to food autonomy and the environment. A strong cultural presence - music, theater, conferences - supports the specific action of Ribellazione! and attracts more people every year.

"The Ribellazione! festival opens to debate, imagine, clarify ideas and define priorities. Its organizers believe that the development of a self-sufficient, innovative and sustainable food system is possible. A model that produces biodiversity, transmits its culinary heritage and allows as many people as possible to benefit from it. And why not even include collective catering?"

Ribella Brewery, route de Saint Florent, 20253 Patrimono (Corsica)