LA MER À BOIRE - Bière Ribella
LA MER À BOIRE - Bière Ribella
LA MER À BOIRE - Bière Ribella


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“The sea to drink” is a Corsican variation of Oyster Stout (oyster beers), beers very popular in countries like England or Belgium.

Sea urchins, “i zinzi” in Corsica, are the most emblematic and popular seafood of the Isle of Beauty. Their characteristic red flesh and the water micro-filtered by their test (shell), were incorporated into the brewing. The spines were used for filtration, like oyster shells originally used to filter dark beers.
The sea urchin notes thus obtained combined with the roasted brown malts promise you a superb tasting experience.

Style: Sea urchin stout

Certified organic farming: yes

Degree: 4.2 / IBU: 12 / Tasting temperature : 5 to 8°

Dress: ebony black

Foam: coffee with milk, persistent

Nose: roasted, slightly smoked, foam, chicory, shitake, candied apricot

Taste: coffee, long finish, violet, sea urchin, mineral, creamy, dry coconut, iodized

Beer food pairing: flat wild Diana oyster, sea urchin, wild boar spring rolls, pan-fried trumpet of death


Better for you, for our producers and for the planet.

Zero pesticides, zero sulfites, minimal carbon impact thanks to the operation of our autonomous farm brewery. Certified organic beers made by Ribella from field to glass with 95% local organic.

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