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Tap tap Taphouse...tap tap taproom Ribella..

It's new, Corsican, original, organic and locavore, in short it's Ribella!

Autonomous Corsican beer, registered trademark.

Distributed by some of our partners in your vital area, you can easily find it through us. Yet submitting your beers to your loyal consumers without an intermediary, meeting and being advised directly by the Ribella team, buying our beers on site as well as the derived range is a super attractive concept... isn't it?

Craft beer requires, Ribella decided to create its taphouse, its taphouses.

The first historic one, located on the road to Saint Florent in the heart of the Patrimonio vineyards, is adjoining the original brewery, in the Ribella den... brewing beers 20 meters from the tables! Second taphouse, an old shop located in the historic district of Bastia, market square... And three upcoming openings are planned in picturesque places in Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

Taphouse definition: tap=tap, house/room=room.... a room with taps! And in the pipes flows good beer with spring water and not just water, you will have understood!
Innovative and friendly concept, which is all the rage in the USA and the United Kingdom, the brewery travels with part of its team and its know-how to serve its beers live and offer food/beer combinations! Ribella's pressure taps flow freely...

With a wide variety of different beers in the various taps to drink at any time on the bar. Among the most popular: Lager Ribella Ribella, Culta IPA, Mistica our Stout with chestnut flour AOP 5 medals at the Concours général de Paris, Santa et Fille de joie milkshake beers, Immurtale, Eroina, Vendetta, Saleccia with water of sea, Divina, Apa Regina…. renewed over time and events.

All the beers are organic, born from our lands, made independently... from the field to the glass! The choice of excellence and authenticity in a light and friendly atmosphere.

Added to this are lemonades, kombucha and natural wines, all made in-house or made by our producer friends who share our values...All will be accompanied by locavore tapas and street food from short circuits, entirely supplied by small local producers sorted on the shutter or through our own organic vegetable garden. Board of Corsican AOP charcuterie and farm cheeses, nustrale hot dog, buidicee are notably on the menu of these festive and warm places.

And in terms of culinary know-how, the reputation of the establishments managed by Pierre François Maestracci, the founder of Ribella beers and president of "A granitula", the association representing the international Slow Food movement in Corsica, is well established.

Selected by the prestigious Michelin Guide, Gault et Millau, Fooding, La Liste and guides like Le Guide du Routard and Le Petit Fûté, it is a team experienced in catering who will prepare your earthly food.

You will have understood, the Ribella taphouses have more than one trick up their sleeve...concerts, events, preview tastings, various and varied events are organized in these gourmet places.

And of course the Ribella shop where you can find and bring back the entire Ribella range, boxes, as well as Chinese blues and Ribella t-shirts.

Reservations recommended by SMS to +33 6 23 16 41 25

For professionals interested in exporting Ribella Taphouses, do not hesitate to send us a message at ribella.pro@gmail.com, we will get back to you :)


Libertalia, Route de l’Eglise, Patrimonio (Haute-Corse), 06-23-16-41-25. Pizzas: €10-14. Card: €40-50. Open every day from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.

- 1 Gault et Millau hat -

- Referenced in La Liste (summer restaurants for less than €50) -

- Cap Corse favorite from the Michelin Guide -

- Selected by Le Fooding, Le Guide du Routard, Le Petit Futé -

In this unique place (a lush garden at the foot of his American house) created by Pierre François Maestracci, the founder of Ribella beers, you will only be served local products: Ribella beers of course but also fish from local fishing , farm-raised beef from Corsica and fruits and vegetables coming directly from our one and a half hectare organic vegetable garden located two hundred meters from your table. These are the tomatoes from the garden that Paolo uses to make his wood-fired pizzes, recommended by François Régis Gaudry himself in his show Très Très Bon on France Inter. In addition, you will find, among other locavore dishes, excellent homemade sourdough bread to accompany your meal as well as the family organic wine produced right next door on the road to Saint Florent.

Reservations recommended by SMS to +33 6 23 16 41 25

Distinctions and gastronomic reviews:
With a Gault et Millau hat, here is what you will find when you go to Libertalia: "The setting is superb, mansion and liberty, wooded garden, locavore spirit with drinks, beers and wines, from the region, combined with seasonal products. Not quite a restaurant? That would almost be a compliment. Because this model must be kept... At the table, the products and recipes of the moment, pizza, cold meats, grilled meats, meat in sauce. ..” (Gault and Millau)

L'Express ranks Libertalia in the 20 best restaurants in Corsica:

"Pierre-François Maestracci is committed to eating well with Libertalia Bistro Tropical, in Patrimonio. From farm to fork, there are only a few steps. Around a fountain, he serves the best of his organic garden. Tomatoes? In a hearty salad seasoned with onion, basil and fresh Vallecalle goat's cheese. Zucchini? In delicious golden and chubby fritters. Eggs from the henhouse? In an omelette, with freshly picked mint.

A lush garden in the shade of the family palazzu dating from 1894, organic and artisanal Ribella beers praised by the best tasters, a strictly locavore menu ("nustral" meats from the Argentinian grill...) and, since this summer, the fantastic local pizza made by Italian chef Paolo Gasperini: soft-crusty dough made from Corsican flour from the Sampiero mills, near Ajaccio, homemade sauce with tomatoes from the garden, cooked in the ancestral wood-fired oven fed with vine stocks . The Augusta (tomato sauce, capers, anchovies, 14 ) is perfectly balanced and the Fromaggi ( 14 ), topped with three local farm cheeses, is downright addictive! "(The express)

"Pierre-François Maestracci, son of a wine grower and pioneering owner of slow food in Corsica, welcomes you to his tropical bistro, in the gardens of the family home. Under century-old trees, in the middle of wild vegetation, daily specials and pizzas are flowing. The plates are generous, the vegetables come from the vegetable garden, the fishing is local and daily, the Ribella craft beer born on the edge of the village, all in a live musical atmosphere." (Little wily one)

"The Libertalia is a special address, located in the heart of the village of Patrimonio, in the garden of a magnificent dry stone family home, on the road which leads to the village church. Pierre-François Maestracci is at the helm , already known for having created the Ribella beer, artisanal and organic, and for representing the Slow Food association on the island of beauty. The Libertalia is first of all a gigantic vegetable garden, a real cuisine of products, an Argentinian barbecue on which only regional meat is cooked. The restaurant has just welcomed a new Italian chef, Paolo Gasperini, to revive the old pizza oven. For an aperitif, let yourself be tempted by the zucchini fritters and the Augusta pizza: garden tomato sauce, anchovies and capers, a delight. The establishment becomes a particularly festive place during the guitar festival in July, or the new Bala Boum electronic music festival in August." https://www.corsicatravelblog.com/les-restaurants-en-corse/

"Welcome to Libertalia, the fairytale inn of Pierre-François Maestracci, brewer of Ribella organic mousses and owner of the Minotaure dining bar in Bastia. In the imposing family property (large vegetable garden, huge colorful terrace, wooden tables massive), this hyperactive grills racy meats and catch of the day. For us, that evening: a dish of nustral pork ribs, served with tomatoes from the garden. Concerned about sourcing (pig from Cyrille Provent, beef from Nicolas Guidoni, aromatic herbs Casa Orsi...), he also sends dripping burgers of pulled pork confit in beer with candied onions and BBQ sauce, zucchini fritters picked from his organic vegetable garden, beautiful plates of farm cheeses, as well as "around ten pizzas, including this appetizing Amatriciana made with tomato sauce, pancetta, Sisco onion and grated Corsican tomme." (The Fooding)

"FOR THIRST? The natural rosé from the Maestracci family estate ( 4 a glass) or the red ( 22 a bottle), the fourteen Ribella beers – including a brown with chestnut flour ( 13 for 75 cl) and a blonde with immortelle ( 12 for 75 cl) – and a few cocktails, like the Ti Punch Ficus taste bud snatcher mixing Clément agricultural rum with fig and lime ( 8 ).”


2 rue Favalelli, Theater district, 20200 Bastia. Open from October to June.

- 1 Gault et Millau hat

First establishment in Corsica to have signed the CORSICA FRIENDLY charter. What better term than “Dining bar” to talk about the Minotaure restaurant? This warm place, in addition to being a 100% Corsican beer bar thanks to the Ribella, offers you traditional cuisine made with exceptional local products, for dinner or tasting tapas in the evening, it is the perfect place !

Distinctions and gastronomic reviews:

"A meat bar, a beer bar (the Ribella!), a friends' bar. It's Pierre-François' Minotaure, the liveliest, most locavore, most "nustral" bar in the city. So the moment is lived more than it is told, and hold on to the railing, things move hard when the Minotaur charges! Lots of ideas on the plate, with top quality products, and getting better and better. " (Gault and Millau)


"Altore, the first Corsican whisky, it's him. Le Minautore, a locavore bar in Bastia, it's still him. Ribella beers, made from organic and local raw materials, it's still him. Not content with "Being a committed brewer-distiller, Pierre-François Maestracci plays the virtuous innkeeper in the immense family property, in Patrimonio."

CF: https://www.lexpress.fr/styles/saveurs/restaurant/corse-libertalia-l-auberge-virteuse_1937093.html