MADONNA - Bière Ribella
MADONNA - Bière Ribella


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The white citron "Madonna", by all the Saints and the Madonna, is well worth the name given to it!
Madonna, immaculate white like the Corsican citron (Citrus medica corsicana), this forgotten citrus fruit barely making a resurgence that Ribella has decided to put in the spotlight. The citron peel incorporated by infusion combined with malted wheat and coriander give this beer unparalleled finesse and delicacy.

Style : wheat beer (white)

Certified organic farming: yes

Degree : 4.5 / IBU : 10 / Tasting temperature : 2 to 5°

Color : veiled white with yellow reflections

Moss : immaculate white, fine and persistent

Nose : subtle lemon, coriander, dry straw

Palate : elegant fruity acidity, citrus fruits, citron zest, grainy cereal notes, fresh, long on the palate

Beer food pairing : organic lemon sardines, fresh wild fish tartare, wild strawberries


Better for you, for our producers and for the planet.

Zero pesticides, zero sulfites, minimal carbon impact thanks to the operation of our autonomous farm brewery. Certified organic beers made by Ribella from field to glass with 95% local organic.

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