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Ribella in the 10 best microbreweries (out of 1600) selected by Express:

Ribella in the 10 best microbreweries selected by Express (out of 1600)

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The Ribella brewery is probably the favorite Corsican beer of craft beer lovers and beer geeks. Located in Patrimonio in Corsica, the brewery brews a range of several beers which combine all original recipes and Corsican terroir! In addition to the sale of beer, the brewery also offers two beer tasting locations. The first, called Libertalia, is a large garden with a sunny beer garden feel. You can go there every day from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. At the same time, the brewery also offers the Bacchus Biera which is a space to rent for events (birthdays, works councils, etc.). Finally, the brewery is involved in slow food with a garden next to the brewery in which vegetables and aromatic hops of 5 varieties are grown. The location was selected by Fooding.

Beers from the Ribella brewery

Corsican beer from the Ribella brewery
Culta: Nepita-style IPA . Nepita is a variety of mint of Corsican origin. It is a completely original IPA with mint flavors on the nose but exotic flavors on the palate. Vampa: PGI clementine amber . An amber with flavors of caramel and fresh clementine.Inferna: Dark beer with tobacco, ginger and chili pepper. Divina: Blonde beer with Marc de Muscat

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