BARBARESCA - Bière Ribella
BARBARESCA - Bière Ribella


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Beer like you've never had before...

The unique experience of a Harvest Ale brewed with fresh wild hops tamed, improved and transplanted in our experimental Patrimonio hop farm. Brewed while still green and in flower, they give this harvest blonde an intense and raw freshness combined with a superb vegetal aromatic profile.

Explosion of taste and olfactory sensations guaranteed!

Style: Harvest Beer

Certified organic farming: yes

Degree: 4.4 / IBU: 10 / Tasting temperature : 2 to 5°

Color: golden yellow

Foam: white, fine bubbles

Nose: cereals, apricot jam, banana blossom, country bread, kiwi

Mouth: herbaceous, freshness and length on the palate, very thirst-quenching, melliferous, floral, hemp finish

Beer food pairing: free-range poultry, fruit tart, young Corsican cheese


Better for you, for our producers and for the planet.

Zero pesticides, zero sulfites, minimal carbon impact thanks to the operation of our autonomous farm brewery. Certified organic beers made by Ribella from field to glass with 95% local organic.

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