2 rue Favalelli, Theater district, 20200 Bastia. Open from October to June.

- 1 toque at Gault&Millau-

First establishment in Corsica to have signed the CORSICA FRIENDLY charter. What better term than “Dining bar” to talk about the Minotaure restaurant? This warm place, in addition to being a 100% Corsican beer bar thanks to the Ribella, offers you traditional cuisine made with exceptional local products, for dinner or tasting tapas in the evening, it is the perfect place !

Distinctions and gastronomic reviews:

"A meat bar, a beer bar (the Ribella!), a friends' bar. It's Pierre-François' Minotaure, the liveliest, most locavore, most "nustral" bar in the city. So the moment is lived more than it is told, and hold on to the railing, things move hard when the Minotaur charges! Lots of ideas on the plate, with top quality products, and getting better and better. " (Gault&Millau)


"Altore, the first Corsican whisky, it's him. Le Minautore, a locavore bar in Bastia, it's still him. Ribella beers, made from organic and local raw materials, it's still him. Not content with "Being a committed brewer-distiller, Pierre-François Maestracci plays the virtuous innkeeper in the immense family property, in Patrimonio."

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