Who is the carrier who delivers the ordered products?

Parcels are delivered to Mondial Relay relay points in mainland France (Corsica included), Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, the Netherlands and to homes in Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Austria. The relay points must be chosen after the payment stage. If you forget to choose your relay point when placing your order, don't worry, you will receive an email asking you to choose your relay point. You can also contact Ribella customer service by email at the following address: service.clients@biereribella.com, together we will find the relay point closest to you.

We exceptionally reserve the right to find a more suitable carrier (UPS, La Poste, Rocca Transports, etc.) in the event of a difficulty with Mondial Relais (dimension of the package, non-operational relay point, etc.). In this case, customer service will contact you to find an agreement. The shipping costs will remain the same or the difference will be refunded to you in the event of a cheaper secondary means of transport.

What are the average shipping and delivery times?

We prepare and ship your package within an average of 24 to 48 hours after receipt of your order (working days). Once the package has been handed over to the carrier, it takes 3 days on average to deliver the package to a relay point. Note that given the health circumstances, a slight delay on the part of the carrier may be observed.

How to track my order ?

When your product is shipped, you will receive an email notification with your Mondial Relay tracking number which will allow you to follow your order with the carrier, step by step.

What to do if there is a problem after receiving a beer?

Contact customer service on the dedicated email service.clients@biereribella.com, explaining your request precisely (with photos if necessary), together we will find the best solution to resolve your problem.


How are the beers packaged?

The beers are packaged in double-corrugated cartons suitable for transporting glass bottles, reinforced by internal protection elements.

What to do in case of damaged package?

You must not accept damaged packages, the brewery cannot be held responsible in the event of damage to the package by the carrier, this is why any package in poor condition must be refused to the delivery person or relay point without open.


Are payments secure?

We have the latest European standard encryption technology and our platform is completely secure. We do not have access to any banking information. You can pay for your purchases by credit card or paypal.


Where are the beers made?

All our beers come from our brewery, located in Patrimonio (Corsica), from the field to your glass. We do not subcontract any products, and offer you entirely local beers from 95% to 100% (depending on the specific needs of each beer), cultivating the raw materials and ingredients that make up our beers in a short circuit. Ribella beers are therefore totally unique in their method of production and can boast of not overusing the name “local beers”. They are in fact grown, brewed and bottled in Corsica, at the Ribella brewery, located in Patrimonio (20253 Corsica).

How to contact you?

You can contact the brewery by email at customer service: service.clients@biereribella.com or by telephone during the brewery's opening hours (specified below) at +33495483335.

The brewery is located in the North of Corsica (Haute-Corse), in Patrimonio, a village renowned internationally for the quality of its vineyard. The exact address of the brewery is Route de Saint Florent, 20253 Patrimonio.

We are open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (winter hours) and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (summer hours from May 1 to October 1).

Is it possible to visit the brewery?

You can go to the brewery at the point of sale/tasting area during the opening hours specified above. We will be happy to advise you and have you taste our beers by trained staff.

Visits to the brewery, for health and safety reasons, are only possible upon registration with the brewery who will arrange an appointment for you.

How does the Ribella brewery constitute a unique brewing model?

RIbella is an activist brewery, which stands against ambient standardization, against ephemeral fashions, to be part of a totally original approach to sustainable creation. We thus defend local beer, a territorial economy, a carbon impact close to zero and above all a unique taste for all our beers. Only a handful of breweries worldwide can claim this particularly demanding brewing model.

We not only brew and bottle our beers, but we cultivate the raw materials used in their composition. Near the brewery, we have 25 hectares to plant our barley, a hop farm on hillsides benefiting from sea spray, a garden where we cultivate the plants, fruits or spices used in the composition of the beers that we offer you. propose. When we cannot grow the ingredients used ourselves, we call on hand-picked producers who cultivate organically. Our beers therefore have a totally unique taste, the result of an exclusive relationship with the terroir from which they come. Beers like you've never drunk before, unique, far from the standardization that buying standard raw materials necessarily engenders.

We are also campaigning to give beer its credentials and make this alcohol which offers so many creative possibilities a drink as exceptional as a good wine or a good champagne, with accessibility to boot.

Would you imagine a wine made with grapes grown outside its vineyard? Probably not and neither do we, which is why we decided to produce our own raw materials.

We also develop our recipes with the greatest care, far from presenting you with simply “flavored” beers. We do not skimp on the content of the ingredients used, always raw (neither syrups, nor concentrates, nor adjuvants), nor on the complexity of the proposed pairings or on the processes to develop the taste of the beers as much as possible (no filtration, no pasteurization, no sulfiting, natural refermentation in the bottle, keeping on lees, etc.)

To materialize this fundamental singularity and so that the beers, once consumed, can become beautiful objects and also be part of a sustainable approach, we have designed a unique bottle mold for the 75cl, engraved with two eloquent “Ribellazione!”* *. We also imagine the names of the beers and have our labels designed in collaboration with a local artist and designer, in order to offer you products that are as good as they are beautiful. We want to make tasting a Ribella beer a unique experience engaging all your senses.