HyperSalvation - Bière Ribella
HyperSalvation - Bière Ribella
HyperSalvation - Bière Ribella


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THE SENSUAL CHRISTMAS BEER "If the heart desires, saliva comes to the mouth..." With this delicious beer, a phenomenon of hypersalivation can occur, without seriousness... Succumb to temptation with Ribella Hypersalvation, a Christmas beer with ruby ​​highlights, brewed with passion in Corsica. Skillfully combining traditional ingredients with local flavors, it offers a gourmet and sensual experience. Never too sweet, always in balance, with captivating notes of raisin (from our vineyard in Patrimoniu), cinnamon, Corsican orange zest and hibiscus. At 6.66% alcohol, this drink takes you on a journey of taste transgression. Celebrate the holiday season with Ribella Hypersalvation, an invitation to the magic of Christmas, while keeping yourself "one step away from the devil."

Style : Abbey Christmas beer

Certified organic farming: No

Degree : 6.66 / IBU : 12 / Tasting temperature : 3 to 7°

Dress : beautiful color with ruby ​​reflections

Mousse : very pale pink foam, fine and intense, good hold

Nose : notes of blackcurrant, raspberry, grape juice, candy apple and rose petals

Mouth : suave beer, nice balance of sweetness/bitterness, on finesse, notes of gingerbread, grape jam, orange peel

Beer food pairing : to enjoy with a fatty turkey or a dripping chocolate dessert

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