Far from ambient standardization, ephemeral fashions or fast consumption, the Ribella agricultural brewery is part of a sustainable and autonomous creation process.

“We defend 95 to 100% local beer, a territorial economy, a carbon impact close to zero and above all a unique tasting experience for all Ribella beers. Taste the difference!”

The brewery not only brews and bottles its beers, but also cultivates the raw materials used in their composition.

  • It has 25 hectares of malting barley, a hop farm on hillsides benefiting from the sea spray of Cap Corse, a farm where the plants, fruits and spices used in the composition of Ribella beers are grown.
  • For all products that cannot be grown on site (chestnuts, honey, etc.), a collaboration with hand-picked organic producers has been set up, favoring short circuits

Ribella hop farm

Ribella craft agricultural beers have a totally unique taste , the result of an exclusive relationship with the terroir from which they come . Beers like you've never drunk before, unique, far from the standardization that buying standard raw materials necessarily engenders.

    “Controlling the entire creative process to give beer its nobility, such is the credo of the Ribella brewery. And making beer a drink as powerful and rich as a good wine or quality champagne. "

    The beer recipes are developed with the greatest attention, far from offering simply flavored beers. The brewery does not skimp on the percentage of ingredients used, always raw (neither syrups, nor concentrates, nor adjuvants) in order to offer frank and powerful pairings.

    The best processes for developing the taste of beers (no filtration, no pasteurization, no sulphiting, natural refermentation in the bottle, etc.), complete the manufacturing process, to offer you the most authentic experience.

    To materialize these singularities, a unique bottle mold accompanies the 75cl beers, engraved with two “Ribellazione!”. The brand universe and labels are also designed in collaboration with a local artist and designer (@vivagigia) , in order to offer you products that are as good as they are beautiful. We are also happy to see Ribella fans transform the containers into decorative objects such as lamps, candlesticks, vases, etc.

    Ribella, a unique experience.

    Ribella Brewery, route de Saint Florent, 20253 Patrimono (Corsica)