Ribella Corsican craft beers

Ribella les craft beers corses - Bière Ribella

Iconic craft beers are becoming more and more trendy because they are crazier and more creative. These are fashionable, trendy beers where the brewer gives free rein to his creativity in keeping with the latest current beer trends. Consumers increasingly prefer new styles and flavors of craft beer, which strengthens its marketability. This is precisely why we offer new flavors and new tastes.

Additionally, the superior taste of our craft beers is due to the use of premium raw materials and advanced brewing techniques. Finally, they really contribute to your health. They reduce the rate of cardiovascular diseases, particularly for moderate consumers, improve bone density, reduce the risk of joint problems, and help reduce cholesterol. Not to mention the fact that finding happiness in simple joys, including good craft beers, contributes to a happier, more fulfilled life.

Our Ribella brewery offers you iconic and atypical creations of craft beers for sale on our store. Local French and organic beers brewed in Corsica! The emblematic craft beers of the Ribella brewery, its creativity and its spirit of impertinence. Original designs created by artists inspired by our recipes. AB certified beers grown, brewed and bottled in Corsica. Brewery labeled Independent Brewer (BI).

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(Article written by students as part of an internship at the brewery.)

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