What are the different types of beers in the world?

Quelles sont les différents types de bières dans le monde ? - Bière Ribella

 We all know what beer is. But we do not master all the different types of beers existing in the world. It is very important to understand these large families of beers in order to better identify our favorite beer. Do you want to know more about beers? Their colors? Their tastes? The degree of fermentation? Discover through this article the different types of beers as well as their specificities. This is a first, very general classification by color, which can help you, but only partially accounts for the diversity of current craft beers.

White beer

Also called wheat beer, white beer is a beer brewed with a high proportion of malt. White beer is a beer that contains at least 30% wheat malt . Since most beers use different grains, the taste of wheat beer is unique. Wheat beer has a more acidic feel than regular beer. Which makes it more refreshing in summer.

This drink is not only defined by color and taste. It is lighter than the others and uses a specific brewing technique. There are several types of white beers : Belgian white beer, German white beer, American white beer, Berlin white beer.

Blond beer

As its name suggests, lager has a golden and very light color . The taste is light, with bitterness and a thick foam. It has a flavored taste. Its alcohol content is around 5°. Its ingredients, particularly malt, give the beer its color. This color also depends on the time and temperature of cooking the light-colored barley malt.

Our Ribella brewery offers various types of Corsican craft beers blonde type with extraordinary flavors and made from Corsican raw materials. Indeed, we offer endemic organic beers for your greatest pleasure.

Amber beer

First of all, remember that amber beer has its origins in Celtic countries, particularly in Ireland. A country where brewing and fermentation techniques are very well mastered. This beer is a lightly roasted red beer brewed from malt (at least around 10% of total malt). The reflection of amber beer ranges from more or less dark red to coppery gold.

It is characterized by a fuller taste and an alcohol content close to 8° . Color and taste depend on the amount and duration of roasting of the malt. Indeed, cooking the malt can provide the color and sensory properties common to these beers, but the raw materials used (such as hops) and the quantity vary depending on the beer.

In terms of taste, although amber beer generally has a common flavor, such as nutty, bready, or caramel, the aroma and flavor varies from beer to beer. The brewer's expertise also involves a lot. Sometimes, due to the use of colored sugar, amber beer can also have this color.

Brown beer

The most important thing about dark beer is its color. It ranges from mahogany brown to ebony black. Dark beers are characterized by a rich, creamy head and an excellent mouthfeel (strong smell, usually very bitter at the end). This dark alcoholic drink has a special aroma that makes it unique.

While enjoying a cup of this drink, you will feel the light aroma of coffee or cocoa. This is because the barley is roasted . The alcohol content of dark beer can vary from drink to drink. Brown beer, like other types of beer, has a wide diversity: Ale Lager Stout Porter, etc.

Dark beer

Stout is a very dark beer obtained using very roasted malt. Like other beers, to brew dark beer , brewers use roasted malt or roasted raw grains. But, in this case, the malt usually has an aroma of roasted coffee or cocoa. Because the main ingredient of black beer is roasted grains and few hops. These charred beans undergo a transformation very similar to that of coffee beans.

Unexpectedly, brewers who brew dark beer only use a small amount of roasted grain, usually between 2% and 10%. Many novices get the impression that black beer is bitter when referring to Guinness, which is particularly bitter. Whereas dark beer can be very light and sweet . There are several types, either bottom fermentation, like German Schwarzbiers beer, or top fermentation, like Anglo-Saxon beer.

Now that you have learned more about the different types of beers around the world , from white beer to dark beer, make your choice according to your habits and personal preferences. Since beers are made differently, choose the right one for you and fully taste its unique flavor.

(article written by students during their internship in our brewery)

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